The new A-Z of logistics

CATIT is an innovative new Swiss software system set to revolutionise onboard catering for airlines and rail.

CATIT covers the A-Z of catering processes and is ideal for airline and rail catering. Managing a catering business in today’s competitive environment is a complex business putting increasing demands on both people and processes. To put you in a position to produce the highest quality in products and service.

CATIT is an innovation in catering software specifically designed to support your team.

CATIT is easy to use, requiring only basic PC competence.

CATIT supports all your core and support processes.

CATIT is a very affordable investment and economic to use.

CATIT supports the increasing need for improved security.

CATIT supports staff access control.

CATIT supports labeling of all trolleys and equipments and barcode tracking to ensure products are securely delivered to the aircraft or train.

CATIT supports staff scheduling and other resource handling.

CATIT manages effective supply management, contributes to meeting production schedules and managing costs.

CATIT does stock control, supports food safety (HACCP) and handles purchase orders and requisitions.

CATIT tracks flights/trains and meal plans, seals, drivers, trucks and special orders.

CATIT supports onboard sales. A well-managed sales trolley contributes to a profitable business.

CATIT supports drag & drop trolley configuration to manage product selection, stock control and provides valuable sales statistics.